Intel 與 CREATOP 簽署投資合作備錄共同籌組新公司RBA ,為無線上網提供更有利解決方案。

美商英代爾公司於2004年七月宣佈投資 "Redland Business Accelerator Pty Ltd", RBA 是一間由英代爾公司、澳洲昆士蘭市政府 Redland Shire Council 與澳洲無線網路公司 CSIT 及澳洲創造力合組而成。

這個投資案將針對無線網路的解決方案,提出一個確切可行的商業模行,同時也代表Intel 公司及澳洲昆士蘭市政府 Redland Shire Council 肯定澳洲創造力的在網際網路的技術實

拜訪 RBA 網站請由此進>> http://www.myrba.com/ 

註: intel 及RBA 之商標各為其所屬企業之註冊商標,在此謹為敘述說明。


Intel signs collaboration agreement with Redland Business Accelerator
Monday, 26 July 2004

 "Redland Business Accelerator Pty Ltd" a joint venture including Redland Shire Council and Creatop as well as wireless internet provider CSIT signed a collaboration agreement with Intel. Intel have invested a six figure sum into the venture,

The future is wireless. Connectivity to the internet without the need for wires. The Redland Business Accelerator is positioned to deliver business assistance to twenty Redland Businesses as part of the Intel sponsored pilot program.

Developing this virtual incubator project into a commercial product is the aim of the exercise. The project is likely to present Queensland with a unique export opportunity,

Intel, KPMG, the Federal Government as well as a Griffith University Research team have been involved in the development of the concept; The research and planning into the project has been considerable.

At the signing of the collaboration agreement was the Lord Mayor of Redland Shire Council, Mr Don Seccombe, Redland Shire CEO Susan Rankin and CSIT CEO Chris McNamara. 

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